About Me

I hated cooking.

You heard me. Hated it. I used to come home throw salt and pepper on my protein and then proceed to over cook it. While I was doing that, I would spoon raw snap peas into my mouth and call that my veggie for the night. It wasn’t all that bad though, I could cook the heck outta some eggs. Just ask my buddy Colby.

First couple of times I saw a Sous Vide I scoffed at people waiting an hour plus for a steak. Fast forward a couple months and I received one as a Christmas gift. Then it happened everybody. I cooked a steak perfectly with it. Im talking, a steak that makes you stop and reconsider your life choices. Had to be a mistake. So I did it again. And again. At that point I was addicted to the perfection as much as the food. As time went on, I noticed I had an hour to kill before I got my next fix of a perfectly cooked protein. So I cooked my veggies, they were terrible. Being a person who doesn’t like failure much I had to get better.

Which leads us to this blog. Im here to help you and everyone else who says that they cannot cook. We all watch the cooking shows and marvel at their creations. Well you can do that. Seriously. I’m living proof. With the Sous Vide method of cooking, your protein will come out perfect and will give you time to focus on the other aspects of your dish. I hope you join me as we find new things to cook using the Sous Vide, learn and get better together.

This is me. I am Groot. I mean James. James in Hot Water.

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