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Its Tri-Tip week y’all!

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Before I started cook Sous Vide I had never heard of this cut. Short for Triangle Cut, the tri-tip is off of the bottom sirloin and in my opinion a prime candidate to cook SV. The meat is so tender and when sliced thinly and across the grain, have yielded some of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. I will say, out of anything I have ever researched to cook in the SV, this cut has the largest range of times. I have seen people go anywhere between 2 and 24 hours and some people going way past (do not recommend).

🔪Prep Time 5 minutes

🛁Sous Vide Time 4 hour @135F/57.2C

👨‍🍳Searing Time 5 min

🥩 Total Time 4 hour 10 minutes


  • 2-3lb Tri Tip
  • Generous helping of Hardcore Carnivore rub

Additional Equipment

  • Cast Iron Skillet


Every time I get a Tri-tip the first thing I do is take a picture and not for the reason you are thinking. Well, ok maybe because I want to throw it on the instagram for some likes but the main reason is to have a reference for how the grain is running so that when it comes out of the bath I can cut it right. Not all tri-tips will be trimmed into well, a triangle. As you can see, this one is not a perfect triangle and if you look closely, you can see two distinct grains running through the meat.

To illustrate this Ive highlighted the grain of the meat in black. The red line will be where I make my initial cut. And the Green lines are how I will slice the meat to serve.

For this cook we’ll be seasoning with Hardcore Carnivore Black. Been using this rub for a couple months now and it has produced some amazing cooks. Go ahead and season that meat generously.

After its all seasoned you are going to put your tri-tip in your bag. Im using the gallon size ziploc type bags.

In place of a nicely vacuum sealed bag, you’re going to want to use the water displacement method which is achieved by submerging the protein in the water till most of the air is out of the bag. Then secure the bags to the side of the Sous Vide Container with binder clips.

Set your Sous Vide cooker to 135F/57.2C and place bag in bath.

After 4 hours in the bath, you tri-tip is ready to be finished. Remove from bath and pat dry with paper towels. Right now it doesnt look that appetizing but we’ll take care of that in a minute. Its extremely important to get the outsides as dry as possible because that is what is going to produce the best contact with the pan for the sear. Another reason I love the Hardcore carnivore rub is because it interacts so well when you sear it in a Cast Iron Skillet. This and the Coffee Rubbed Steaks I did have proven to be the best flavor/sear combo I have found yet.

For searing these steaks I used a Cast Iron Skillet. The pan does a great job interacting with the rub. Heat up the skillet on medium high and when it just starts smoking add the oil. I then seared for 45 seconds a side. As you can see, the Hardcore Carnivore created a nice, deep delicious crust.

And just like that your Tri-Tip is ready to be enjoyed. Slice on the thin side as shown before and you will have some of the best meat SV can offer.


Not much to say about this. Its an amazingly tender cut of meat that is only enhanced by the Hardcore Carnivore rub and cooking it SV. The one thing I will say is SV cooking is not hard and fast. Theres no one time and temp that works for everyone. I recommend getting out there and trying it yourself. Experiment. I have found it is extremely hard to mess these cooks up. Find your personal preference. The times and temp given here are great. But don’t be afraid to try different ones.

Thank you for checking us out. Now go ahead and try this one! You’ll love it. And when you do, go ahead and drop me a comment and tell me how it went, I want to know! If you enjoyed this, check out our social media’s and go ahead and share this blog with a friend. If you want to be the first to see our new cooks, subscribe to the blog through the bottom of this page. See ya next time!

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    1. I have heard of people leaving it in for 24 yes. But I have heard mixed feelings about it. Some swear by it. Others not so much. I have yet to do it myself but it’s so cheap I have no problem with testing it one time.

  1. Really great that you showed how to slice your tri tip. No matter how you decide to cook it, you must slice it correctly for a good chew & taste. Also, I sometimes cut my tri tip in half right where the grain changes and cook one half and freeze the other for later date.

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