Sous Vide Tomahawk Steaks

“We’re gonna need a bigger container”

In this blog we are tackling the Sous Vide Tomahawk. When I first saw these huge pieces of meat on the counter I thought to myself is this even going to fit in my container? Well luckily after a quick fit test we were going to be just fine.

And just like that, we were off to the races.

🔪Prep Time 5 minutes

👨‍🍳Cooking Time 5 minutes for the grill

🛁Sous Vide Time 7 hour @133F/56C

🥩 Total Time 2 hour 20 minutes


Tomahawk Steaks

  • 2- 3lb Tomahawks
  • Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Additional Equipment

  • Recommend a Grill or any searing method that provides even contact. Here I used a searzall.


For these tomahawks I salted them the night before. Generously seasoned both sides of the meat and placed them on a large open sheet pan in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day I removed the steaks from the refrigerator and gave them a generous amount of pepper on both sides. As you can see the outside definitely got a much deeper color and dried out a little.

After the pepper you can place them in any gallon style zip lock bag. I know what you are thinking, yes, they fit. In place of a nicely vacuum sealed bag, you’re going to want to use the water displacement method which is achieved by submerging the protein in the water till most of the air is out of the bag. I then secure the bags to the side of the Sous Vide Container with binder clips.

Set your Sous Vide cooker to 133F/56C and place bags in bath.


After two hours, your tomahawk Sous vide is ready to be seared. Remove the steaks from bath and pat dry with paper towels. Right now they don’t look that appetizing but we’ll take care of that in a minute. Its extremely important to get the outsides as dry as possible because that is what is going to produce the best sear.

For searing these steaks I used the Searzall torch attachment. With a piece of meat with a fat cap like this I usually start there on my sear till the fat starts crisping. I then Sear both sides of the steak. The downside with the Searzall only method is that it takes a bit longer than doing the Cast Iron Skillet and Searzall combo. But it certainly does the job.

I do highly recommend a grill as well

And just like that your tomahawks are ready to eat and dinner is served. I think the best part about doing tomahawks is that they are perfect for eating cowboy style. They have their own built in handle!



I mean do I even need to write anything here? Look at that picture! It was amazingly good. So tender and juicy. and the wow factor is off the charts!. Full of flavor, amazingly tender and that fat cap crisped up well. I Would def recommend you give this one a shot. It truly blew me away.

Thank you for checking us out. Now go ahead and try this one! You’ll love it. Are you going to cook your next Tomahawk Steak Sous Vide? Go ahead and drop me a comment, I want to know! If you enjoyed this, check out our social media’s and go ahead and share this blog with a friend. If you want to be the first to see our new cooks, subscribe to the blog through the bottom of this page. See ya next time!

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